Friday, 19 May 2017

Why I cook ?

You know ... life has became so busy and stressfull that it is very dificult to be balanced.  I'm not talking here only for food but for literally everything .
How often do you ask your self ''Are you happy ''? How often do you freak out thinking that you have started to work at 8 am and its 8pm and you're still at work . All of this just because you just got promoted and you want to show that you love your job and you're a hardworker whom would do everything . Then  you end up in hospital and that wakes you up! you start thinking for your life outside of work  . I was constantly  sad ,not being abble to travel as much as I would like to ,not spending time with my husband as much as my heart desired and not visiting my mum more than once a year back in my country . I made my self unwell by thinking that I had nothing to be happy about ,had no free time and had no energy to take care of my family . I had to work full time  and I have to save for my visa ,solicitor ,nhs fees ,rent ,dentist etc. I had no other choice but to cope with all this . Until one day I read a article of how cooking for people you love makes your anger and anxiety goes away so I started ,not only that but keeps your mind bussy and can be a great idea for gift for friends . I'm not a profesional and I don't think I'll ever be but I love watching my finished recipe in a colorful plate ready to be served. So please try cooking something  if you ever feel like me . Watch how creating something delicious can change your humor and make you feel worth trying it everyday.

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